Jean Rosenow
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                                        (A NOVEL)

It was never Ira Croft's intention to be sixty one and single, yet here he is. Life has been good to him, but sometimes a nagging ache creeps into his heart when he least expects it. Has he missed the best part of why man was created? Emma Prater is forty six and unmarried. She is also the sole caregiver for her brother Rodney, a young man with Down syndrome. She sees herself as plain and quit thinking of marriage long ago - what man would want the package deal she has to offer? But Rodney knows a good man when he sees one and he knows more about what his sister has sacrificed than she realizes. When Ira places a personals ad in the county newspaper at the urging of a friend, Emma reads it aloud to her brother. Rodney knows intuitively that this is the man for Emma, but how can he get these two lonely souls together?

If you love a story that celebrates the dignity in everyday people and leaves you feeling hopeful and encouraged, you won't want to miss Blessed are the Pure in Heart

in paperback and Kindle edition


PERSONALS Grit Magazine March 2004
STUMPING THE QUIZ KIDS Good Old Days Magazine September 2005
MAY BASKETS Good Old Days Magazine May 2006
WASH DAY & WOODEN IRONING BOARDS Good Old Days Specials May 2006
COME-AS-YOU-ARE PARTIES Good Old Days Specials March 2007
ROMANCING THE OZARKS 2009 Two stories: Blue Ribbons, The Real Magic
CHRISTMAS 1954 Looking Back December/January 2010 (online edition)
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